Lexington Local Schools

Week one of our online program is “in the books”. I know all did not go perfectly. What does go perfectly? I know we will all get better at this as we move forward. But from what I’ve heard and observed, I cannot imagine a week one of this nature going any smoother. Our administrators and staff have poured their hearts and efforts into doing everything and anything possible to provide meaningful learning opportunities and offer encouragement and support to our students and their parents. Our students have been very receptive to this new way of “going to school”. And, our parents have been willing to do their part to encourage their child(ren) and help make all this work. The way school staff, students and parents have stepped up to do this TOGETHER has been truly and overwhelmingly remarkable. THANK YOU!

A reminder that teachers will be posting weekly assignments each Monday by noon. Each assignment is worth 10 points if completed to the best of the student’s ability and submitted when due. So, students will have up to five assignments per week for each course or subject they have. To calculate a student’s final grade for the last grading period, the teacher will add the total points the student earned by completing and submitting assignments when due, calculating that percentage of the total assignment points possible and using the Lex grading scale to determine the letter grade. For example, to earn an A- for the final grading period all the student needs to do is complete, to the best of his/her ability, and submit when due 90% of the assignments (93% for an A).

We made the decision to approach our online assignments this way for several reasons.

  • We want to encourage students to complete the assignments to the best of their ability and submit the assignments when due.
  • Students deserve credit for the work they do, without the impact of their particular situation negatively impacting their points/grade.
  • We do not want our parents to be overwhelmed by the idea of needing to be the teacher. Parents just simply need to be encouraging their student(s) to complete and submit the work on time.

I want to sincerely thank our staff, students and parents for their efforts to make this go as well as possible. Amid all the challenges and uncertainty, we have so much for which to be thankful. Not the least of which is each other.

Mike Ziegelhofer